Please support the skating events that are occurring throughout the country.  Many of these events draw skaters from all over North America and even as far away as Japan, Sweden, and Europe. When I retired in 2005, I also retired from giving skating parties. However, there are some who are still going at it strong. You can find a list of events at Skate Groove.  Desi does an outstanding job of keeping people informed about what is occurring in the adult – freestyle skating world.  This is your best bet for knowing what is happening and where.

We recommend four parties above all others:

1) The Dogg Pound (Huntsville, AL): January 17-21, 2013
2) Back-to-Cali (Los Angeles, CA): May 23-26, 2013
3) Joi’s Sk8-a-Thon (Atlanta, GA): August 29 – September 2, 2013
4) Detroit Rhythmic Rollers Annual Skate-O-Ween Party (Detroit, MI): October 26, 2013


Why these four above all others?

Laura and I started the annual skating event in Los Angeles in May 1997.  After I retired, it was restarted as Back-to-Cali.  This party will be packed and offer a wide range of activities in and around Southern California as well as nice floors and skaters from throughout the nation.  So, come to Los Angeles and see how the west coast rolls.

Joi’s event is well planned and she is an extraordinary hostess. You will see people from all over the world who converge on Atlanta. The weather is nice, the city is historic and the styles and beats unforgettable. I cannot say enough good things about Joi, the city and the party. Well… one more thing. Big Bob and DJ Spin are outstanding DJ’s who can rock the rink with their unique ability to please such a diverse crowd.

The Detroit Rhythmic Roller’s party is recommended because of my bias in favor of my home town.  Simply stated, Detroit skaters are exceptionally talented. When you travel to Detroit, you will be entertained by the skills of so many people that you will leave amazed.  Have you ever wondered where extraordinary skaters spring from???  It’s right here in Detroit.  Who hasn’t heard of Bill Butler?  Where did he come from?  Detroit!  In fact, there are so many good skaters from Michigan, I cannot list them all but, I will list a few: Reggie, Perry, Mike, Wayne, Rick, Cynthia, Deb, Tony, Baby Jim, Rockin’ Richard, Tee, Andre, Charles (R.I.P.), Kenny Mike, Cookie, Lisa, Chuck, Darnell, Byron, El, Charlotte, Doe Boy, Airbrush Tone and Socks.

In Detroit, when you mention these people by name, they are known all over the city! I encourage you to go to Detroit and witness SLIDING and OPEN HOUSE for yourself. If you see it from the safety of the sidelines, great! If you see it from the skating floor, we’ll make sure there’s an ambulance standing by.

The Dogg Pound team is known for their exceptional hospitality.  Skatin’ Pastor Ronnie H has told everyone who will listen how great this party is.  Given he is a Pastor, he trust his message!  So, check out Huntsville, AL MLK weekend.

We wanted to give an honorable mention to the July parties in Chicago:

IR2 – Independence Roll 3, July 4-8, 2013

25 & Older National Skate Jam, July 3-7, 2013
We haven’t attended yet.  But, skating in Chicago is nice and there is plenty to do.  As soon as we have sampled these events, one or both will be described here.