Sliding Wheels

Below is a list of the top wheels that are perfect for Detroit-style Sliding.

Note: the first nine wheels are all made by Crest

  1. Crest Rental (red wheels). These are the best of the best
  2. Crest Ultra II (beige)
  3. Crest Ultra II (grey/green)
  4. Crest Rental (orange wheels)
  5. Crest Olympic
  6. Crest Confidence (the extremely rare white wheels with the metal hub). These are very durable
  7. Freestyle Command (grey wheels). These ARE Crest wheels
  8. Figure 8 Command (grey wheels). These ARE Crest wheels
  9. Star Professional (grey wheels). These ARE Crest wheels
  10. Cleveland Fo-Mac
  11. Raybestos (two tone brown/black). These are very durable
  12. Raybestos (red wheels)
  13. Raybestos PG (grey wheels)
  14. Star Professional Fo-Mac (black wheels)
  15. Chicago Kwitite 77
  16. Premier Fo-Mac FMP
  17. Roadrunner (If you didn’t know, now you know)
  18. Mercury (brown wheels). These wheels are reversible and referred to as double sided (very durable)
  19. Mercury (brown wheels)
  20. Weber Flor-Grip (spelled exactly as shown. These are NOT Webber wheels)
  21. Rental Fo-Mac (orange wheels)
  22. Kwitite Fo-Mac (brown wheels)
  23. Douglas Snyder Fo-Mac
  24. Sure-Grip Skate Co. Phenolic (fiberglass)
  25. Freestyle Fo-Mac (black and manufactured before Sure Grip purchased). This is what I use
  26. Premier Fo-Mac (two-tone brown and before Sure Grip purchased). I do NOT recommend